Our Packing Operations

Located in Tamil Nadu, the Group’s fully automated state-of the art manufacturing facility has earned the unique distinction of emerging as the first in India’s PWS segment to receive the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certificate – an international watermark of its quality management practice.

MLD offers among the largest range of PWS across bag sizes, transparency, colours, fabrics and value-addition. The product range of HDPE and PP bags (lamination inside and outside, non-laminated and with /without liners) are customised to specific requirements.

In addition to a fully-automated fabric manufacturing unit at SIPCOT, the MLD Group has manufacturing units in Bangalore and Kakinada, proximate to key client clusters. Their dispersed presence results in timely customised product delivery.

MLD has emerged as a preferred partner for the following reasons: adequate anytime availability of material derived from growing scale, superior product quality derived through proactive investments in technology, just-in-time availability facilitated by dispersed manufacturing locations and growing revenues from existing clients on account of relationship management capabilities.