About MLD Packaging

MLD Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Plastic Woven Sacks (PWS) used for bulk packaging of Cement, Fertilizer, Polymers, Foodgrains & Sugar, Chemicals and other commodities.

MLD has been a pioneer in the packaging industry since 1972. The group caters to almost of leading cement and fertilizer companies of India for their plastic packaging requirement, whether they be in the private, public or co-operative sector. The group has one of India’s largest manufacturing capacities for PWS with most modern state of the art facilities.

The Plastic Woven Sack (PWS) business was conceived in the mid-eighties to sustain packaging business relations with MLD’s key clients.

Certified For Excellence

MLD packaging abides by the standardizations that ensure a stable, safe and progressive production process. Our BIS certification assures our conformity to safe, reliable and high-quality products.

We are Green Power certified as well, which ensures that we meet specific environmental and customer protection guidelines and contribute to a sustainable manufacturing process


A business which commenced as a single unit, with a mere six looms delivering 10,000 bags (per day) in 1986, is today an operation across multiple locations, delivering 10 lacs bags a day to marquee Indian brands. Today, MLD is one of India’s largest PWS manufacturers, catering to the bulk packaging needs of diverse sectors like cement, fertilisers, chemicals and agricultural produce.

Located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh the Group’s fully automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have earned the unique distinction of emerging as the first in India’s PWS segment to receive the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certificate – an international watermark of its quality management practices.

Customer Service Principles We Live By Everyday

  • CUSTOMER: Make Everything He Wants and More. MLD offers one of the largest ranges of PWS – across bag sizes, transparency, colours, fabrics and value-addition. The product range of HDPE and PP bags are customised as per specific requirements.

  • CUSTOMER: Create An Integrated Business Model. It Will Transforms Your Position From A Vendor To A Business Partner. MLD’s integrated fabric and sack manufacturing business has enabled it to emerge as a one-stop plastic woven packaging solutions provider.

  • CUSTOMER: Over-provide Your Infrastructure, and Get Clients To See It. MLD’s consistent investments in capacity addition have added more marquee Indian brands to its client’s list.

  • CUSTOMER: Quality is The Best Investment. It Yields Superior Returns – Tangible and Intangible. MLD’s fully automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have earned it the unique distinction of emerging as the first in India’s PWS segment to receive the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certificate

  • CUSTOMER: Quality Gets You in the Game. Service Sustains Your Presence. MLD’s ability to customise designs, strictly adhere to delivery schedules and cater to small volume businesses has helped it cement stronger customer relations

  • CUSTOMER: Make Him Feel You Are His Back Office. Literally. MLD’s manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are proximate to key client clusters. Besides, its customer service team ensures that it remains in touch with every customer, every day.

  • CUSTOMER: Make Your Word Count. MLD’s customer policies – under commit, over deliver and keep the customer informed under all circumstances – brands them as ‘completely dependable’.

  • CUSTOMER: Add Value to His Brand. Be a Responsible Citizen. MLD’s PWS business is a green enterprise, with a ‘carbon positive footprint’ by the virtue of consuming captively generated renewable energy.

  • CUSTOMER: Make Your Factory The Customer’s R&d Lab MLD’s customers have a free reign on its R&D. The result: a close association with the customer for product innovation and improvement of the quality of bags

  • CUSTOMER: Be There. When There is a Problem. If There Is A Problem. At MLD, be it bad product quality or failed delivery schedule – customers are never left out in the dark. Problems are always resolved, amicably.


MLD Group has been a pioneer in the packaging industry since 1972 and our products are endowed with user-friendly designs and come with high functional efficiency. Quality assurance and building value for customers has been our motto since inception and our wide array of premium quality packaging products unfailingly meet industry, client and environmental needs.

The supreme quality packaging products, produced at our advanced manufacturing facility are budget-friendly, strictly maintain on-time-delivery, and are tailor made to incorporate individual client requirements.

Green Initiatives

Depletion of forest cover is an issue that makes headlines every other day in national and international media. The alarming level of air pollution which directly affects the level of oxygen in the environment and adds to global warming is one of the most worrying concerns for scientists and environmentalists globally.

We, at MLD Group, understand the importance of a collective fight at all levels against the demon of environmental pollution and are doing our part to create a difference in earnest and to the best of our capabilities.

From a deep understanding of the fact that the world needs more trees and healthy forests to address climate change and create a habitable world for future generations, we have undertaken a host of initiatives in terms of reforestation and animal welfare in different parts of India.

As the new research suggests that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today, we have made a pledge to contribute significantly in this global program of tree plantation.