Operating ethically is the sine qua non of our company and in doing so we uphold our Corporate Social Responsibility with utmost honesty. As a group, we take interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact our profit margins.

We believe that the sectors of education and environment are the key components that drive India’s growth and development. Accordingly, our socially-aware, deeply sensitive and reflective CSR team members are sincerely engaged in several initiatives ranging from education, healthcare and community development to animal welfare in various parts of the country so as to bring in tangible impacts in terms of inclusivity and equality and to catalyze the ecosystem towards greater social impact.


Our goal was to teach the young ones, specially girls, craft skills to make sell-worthy products and create channel for them to sell their craft, so they can stand on their feet and earn their own living.

That’s how Pehchaan was born, which means ‘identity’, with the vision to give these young, talented girls an identity of their own, being respected for their skills and for earning their own living.

Inspired by Bhutan, we also initiated a project where the children collected garbage they found around their living spaces and deposited it at designated centers within the estate and the child with highest collection was awarded at the month end. This project cleaned the tea estate and the surrounding areas and also spread awareness among children as well as their guardians.

As part of Pehchaan, the children also collaborated with one of the sustainable development goals taken by Loreto House (to plant 1 lakh trees by 2020) and planted 3,500 saplings in the estate.

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